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+Elfie and Neko+ for Shiori by sazzykins +Elfie and Neko+ for Shiori by sazzykins
And the world has ended! Hahaha, I have finally, finally gotten round to doing this for miss ~Shiori-K, a picture I have owed her for nearly TWO YEARS!! XD So yes, here it is at last, the picture requested for getting my 8K kiriban...sorry it is a little late ^^;

I actually did sketch this right after I received your request, but then I got distracted from you do, but now that I have a bit more free time, I have finally done it, so I hope hope hope you like it, and it was worth the wait!

And for everyone else, this is my character Elfie, with ~Shiori-K's Neko-chan, who has fallen asleep because watching someone play the DS is boring! XD

Next on my list is Shooby's request, and then I shall try and maybe do some more Katoph since I seem to be getting requests about that a lot ^^ Also, I am now taking Commissions, so anyone feel free to check out my journal, do not be shy! XD I'm quite nice!!

So hope you like Mari, see y'all laters!
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steveo-C Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
wow cool, love it !!
the cloths look amazing, wow.
i love your style of drawing as well.
tiz my plan other summer is to keep drawing i need to get better !!

and yeah 3DS is verry headachy.
ive played it a little but you can turn the 3d off although kinda defys the point of having one ??
dunno lol
sazzykins Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2011
Thank you very much steveo! XP

Practice is all I can say, and look at other people's stuff, helps you get your own style ^^

I dunno if I'll get one, because yeah it is painful for the head, and turning the 3D off does eliminate the point hahahaha, no idea either! XD
Shiori-K Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011
aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww itīs so cute!!! :D I really liked it!!! well the N3Ds is quiet awesome! xD yup was worth the wait! life is full of distractions I didnīt mind the wait tee hee!
sazzykins Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011
I'm glad you like it heh heh ^^ Have you got a Nintendo 3DS? I think the graphics are a little headache inducing hahaha XD Well, I am sorry none the less for the wait, but yay haha! *thumbs up*
Shiori-K Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Iīm too poor for a 3DS hahaha but yeah my brotherī friend has it and we played a bit with it, is pretty awesome!! I liked it maybe it didnīt cause me a headache cause I just played it like 5 minutes? xD I think is more like you getting used to it? good thing you can take off the 3D. Donīt worry it was worth the wait :D
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April 17, 2011
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